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You've probably read and seen enough posts and shares about the Malta Doom Metal Fest 2015 on Facebook, but just in case you missed it, here's a tiny reminder anyway in case you forgot to click and find out more! The festival officially kicks off at Chateau Buskett this Friday, October 23 and ends the following night after a whopping 14 live performances by some of the leading names from the metal world. A quick peek at this year's line-up confirms that the MDM festival, now in its seventh edition, just keeps growing in stature and international repute, with this year's crowning glory being a headlining performance from living legends Venom Inc. In line with the fast-growing tradition introduced some years ago, there will also be a warm-up event on Thursday, October 22, with bonus live performances from Hooded Priest, Iron Void, Krishna and Cult of the Fox, the latter reconvening one last time especially for this occasion before disbanding.

The warm-up gig will be held at Remedy in Paceville. Doors open at 9pm (click here for info).

On Friday, doors will open at 1900 with the bands starting at 2000 sharp. The running schedule will be as follows:

2000-2045 Dawn of Anguish 2100-2145 King Heavy 2200-2245 Marche Funebre 2300-0000 Tysondog 0015-0115 Nomad Son

On Saturday, doors will open at 1400 with the bands starting at 1500 sharp. The running schedule will be as follows: 1500-1545 12th Ode 1600-1645 Void Moon 1700-1745 StoneGriff 1800-1845 Cromlech 1900-1945 Doomed 2000-2100 Alunah 2130-2300 Venom Inc 2330-0015 Doomocracy 0030-0115 Arkham Witch

For more information, visit the MDM 2015 event page on Facebook or


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