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Flesh, Bones & Spirits is not only the latest single from local band WaterWings, it is also the title track of their first EP. Following 2014's debut single Steal the crown and its March 2015 follow-up Forever Clear, the new release, featuring 4 brand new tracks, was officially launched last Friday during an event at Aria Complex in San Gwann.

"The EP is an evolution of the band’s sound over the past year", the band commented, adding that as with all their work to date, there is a theme to it. "The idea of Flesh Bones & Spirits is that of having a structured story that progresses throughout each of the four songs, but which is still open to interpretation". Elaborating on this, they said that the songs present the idea of someone being deprived of something precious, and the effort to regain what is lost as seen from different perspectives of the story.

The EP was co-written by all four members of the band and recorded at Foreface Studios with Niki Gravino. The video was produced by Carlo Tonna de Lorenzo from Neomax Studios.


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