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Further to having no less than eight of his songs snapped up by EMI and a typically busy summer schedule, Maltese DJ and producer Toby recently released a brand new single. Forever is a collaboration with singer-songwriter and Forty Days of Rain frontman Brendan Jackson; a song that packs enough clout to warm up the dancefloor as it does radio appeal. It is possibly also the furthest foray into pop territory by Jackson, who wrote the first draft of the song. “It was something I had written while I was jamming on my acoustic guitar, but I kept thinking it could probably sound better over a dance groove”, Jackson said of the song.

Given Toby and Jackson’s paths had crossed before - Toby had in fact remixed Talking to myself which Jackson had written when he was with Scream Daisy, Jackson says it was the obvious thing to do in giving Toby a call. “After recording the song I sent it over to Toby for some feedback. He loved it and we basically worked together to come up with the final version.” Jackson says he has never shied away from exploring new musical ideas and is quite happy with the way the song turned out. “Hopefully it'll do well as I have a few other ideas in the pipeline”.


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