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If there is one thing the social media gave rise to, it’s the possibility for people to get acquainted more easily, make new friends and, more importantly perhaps, hook up with old ones. The latter has also led to the creation of various online groups linked to particular hangouts from the past, like for example Reeds Discotheque in Marsacala, certainly one of the most popular nightspots back in the 90s.

What started with 200 members and the random posting of photos from back in the day has now grown into a 4000+ group, boosted largely by a successful reunion that took place last October. Held at the Avalon Club in Hal Far, that reunion attracted well over a thousand people, filling the venue to its capacity, taking them down memory lane thanks to pumping DJ sets featuring the sounds of the 90s.

It’s no secret that Joven Grech, better known as one half of top international duo Tenishia, kicked off his career as a Club DJ at Reeds back in 1998. “The reunion last October was very sentimental”, he commented. “I was more than happy to be sharing the booth with the DJs who taught me so much about the trade. They believed in my talent before anyone else”. Indeed, the names DJ Jamaica, DJ Funky J, DJ Degi, DJ Ciccio, JD Alex and DJ Martin, might not be as widely-known among the new generation of clubbers, but back in the 90s they were the big names at top clubs such as Osiris, Dew Drops, Thunder in Gozo and of course, Reeds.

The next Reeds reunion will be taking place this Saturday, March 5 once again at the Avalon Club in Hal Far, and it’s more than likely to be packed out like the first one. All ex-Reeds clubbers are invited to attend and be part of the reunion. But be quick about it - there are only 150 tickets left!

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