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THe Travellers have just released their second single, Dak Li Int

Their debut single Sempliċità was a resounding success, propelling The Travellers to the upper reaches of Maltese pop, dominating the local airwaves and making them a household name in next to no time. And to prove they're no one-trick pony, here they are with an equally melodic second single.

Markedly different in style from its predecessor, Dak Li Int, for which a music video has also been released, may not pack the same immediate punch that Sempliċità delivered with much pizzazz. This means it could possibly take longer to find a regular place in 'some' radio playlists, but I may be wrong since The Travellers are now a known quantity with listeners and that should be a boost in itself.

The new song is certainly a delicate number that is sure to sink in after a few listens, and I absolutely love the 'falsetto' touch on vocals, giving it a brittle quality that complements the gentle guitar backbone. According to the band's press release, the new single is "an honest attempt to describe love with simple words. The simplicity of the song complements this idea while at the same time making it sound contemporary".

Both Sempliċità and Dak li Int are taken from the band's forthcoming debut EP, Xemx u Xita, which will feature five original songs in Maltese. The EP will be officially launched on Friday, April 8 at the Grand Salon, National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta.

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