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Last month saw the release of the official music video for The Parade, the latest single from Wayne William. The song is also the title track of Wayne's most recent album, which was originally released here in 2014, just before his siblings won that year's edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Having been asked to join Firelight on their international commitments, among them tours in Germany and Austria as well as the Eurovision performance in Denmark, the singer-songwriter decided to put his own album on hold. "It was a great time in our lives, but a very busy one, travelling, performing and recording in the studio” Wayne said of the experience, which also involved production of Firelight’s debut album alongside his brother Richard Edwards.

After the Firelight experience, Wayne realized he needed to shift his focus back onto his own album. Travelling to the US, he took the opportunity to film the music video for The Parade there with Brandon Mueller. “We’ve worked together on three music videos now and it’s always been a privilege working with Brandon“ Wayne commented. “He is a very talented guy; great to work with and we’re always on the same page”.

The video is primarily set in the recording studio of Patrick Boland from Honeytone Music. Situated within an old Victorian home, Wayne describes the studio as “a musician’s playground,” filled with vintage gear and any instrument you can think of. “The place really gives a great vibe and sets the tone for the video”. Other footage was shot in urban locations like downtown Chicago, Green Bay and Madison, Wisconsin. These settings and time lapse effects capture the essence of the song, which tells truths about life’s struggles in a modern and past paced world.

"I'm always looking for inspiration to write better music that appeals to people as well as constantly trying to explore new sounds".


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