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The Rock of Ages movie is really good, so I’m told! I wouldn’t know as I haven’t watched it yet. What I did watch was the local production of the musical on the first opening night (there were two), and I can honestly say it was a fantastic show.

Entertainment levels were at a high from start to finish; an engaging evening packed with rock hits that took me and most of those present (I’m guessing) back to our teens, performed by people younger than the actual music on offer (not you Mr.Fitz). And there was a great live band onstage too – now could it get any better than that?

The answer is yes! A winning formula combining a love story (with a twist somewhere along the way of course), German accents, ridiculous wigs, clichés, sexy ladies, tons (seriously, tons!) of puns, comedy galore and of course, a rock (pardon the pun)-solid anchor (with quite a colourful t-shirt collection) to hold it all together (take a bow, Mr. Dingli); a narrator whose engaging spontaneity proved to be even more valuable when the odd mishap did actually present itself!

A huge well-done goes to all involved (standing ovation absolutely merited and the list is too long to mention individually). I loved the way you made full use of the theatre - not just the stage - bringing the audience closer to the performers and the show itself, which was perhaps all the more evident in both the audience’s ooohs and aaahs (during the more romantic moments) and the uncontrollable laughter (I’m sure it wasn’t just me) that rarely abated!

The Rock of Ages movie is really good, so I’m told! As you know I haven’t watched it yet but I will; before that however, chances are I’ll be popping back down to City Theatre in Valletta to watch the local musical production again! Yes, it is that good!

Take a bow, deserve the applause!


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