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Never mind Spongebob Whatsisname, as from this Friday, the word 'sponge' will belong to only one entity, and that's the Super Sponge Trio! If you're not too familiar with the name (yet), that's because it's one of the latest arrivals on the local music scene, but rest assured the names and faces behind this project are no novices! On the contrary, they are all seasoned musicians, and they'll be bringing together an interesting melee' of individual influences into one collective, engaging sound that promises to grab your attention faster than you can say sponge!

The Super Sponge Trio will be playing their debut live gig this Friday, February 24 at the Funky Monkey, and to throw in an extra measure of monkey business to the band's bouncy rhythms and tenacious grooves, Chris Goa will be spinning some wicked tunes to make you move to the music!


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