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Pon Di Corner - positive vibes coming at you!

One World is the title of the debut album from Pon Di Corner, a Malta-based musical collective featuring artists with roots in three continents but, as they like to point out all from the same planet! They all have at least three things in common; a love for music, a positive vibe and they all reside in Malta. The group was recently invited to Michael Bugeja's weekly radio show ROCKNA on Radio 101, to talk about their history, their music and their upcoming Malta tour which kicks off with their upcoming concert in connection with the official launch of their debut album, details of which are to be found on the flyer further down this post. Meanwhile, here is Pon Di Corner's ROCKNA interview for your listening pleasure - live and unplugged track included!

Pon Di Corner - Keep Fighting, Keep Rising, Keep Moving!


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