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The latest in the Rock 'N Malta series of concerts that brought us amazing performances from the likes of Krokus, The Hives and Procol Harum continues with this Friday's concert featuring Italian Gothic Metal band Lacuna Coil. Formed in Milan back in 1994, Lacuna Coil are inspired by a combination of Gothic imagery and metal music, their melodies brought to the fore thanks to an effective two-pronged vocal front.

To date the band, which had at one point been nominated for an MTV Music Award, has released eight studio albums, the latest being 2016's Delirium. The album is the band's first without drummer Cristiano Mozzati and guitarists Cristiano Mozzati and Marco Biazzi, who left the band during the previous year.

Days away from their Malta concert, has picked five Lacuna Coil tracks to get you warmed up for the big night at Aria Complex...and we've thrown in a track from the two Maltese bands that will be supporting the main act, Weeping Silence and Decline The Fall.

For more information about the concert click here.

Lacuna Coil - You love me 'cause I hate you

Lacuna Coil - Trip the darkness

Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the silence

Lacuna Coil - Losing my religion

Lacuna Coil - Blood, tears, dust

Weeping Silence - Ivy thorns upon the barrow

Decline The Fall - Carnival World


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