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It may sound dodgy by name but there's nothing to put down about Sickfest. One of the leading alternative music festivals on the island, the event is back with another incredible blend of indie, metal and electronic acts that will involve 6 live bands and 28 DJs. It will all be taking place on Saturday, September 1 at Tigullio in Spinola Bay, St Julians. The festival will have 5 areas, details as follows:

LIVE STAGE hosted by Sick of Ants - Golden Apes (🇩🇪) - Align The Tide - Kill The Action - Fuzzhoneys - Eyes to Argus - Supported by DJ Nightmare SILENT DISCO at the Open Arena hosted by White Noise Two simultaneous music channels (ch1- Alternative, ch2 - Electronic), blasting out tunes on hundreds of wireless headphones for a superior aural experience DJ SETS BY.. - Lian Vex (Sick of Ants / Dark Wave Malta) - Leoniña (Cryptic Street) - Ben Vincenti (Trackage Scheme) - KNTRL - Fabricka (Cold Minor) - DJ Cyberpagan - DJ tonid b2b The Chemist (Dark Wave Malta) - Steven Meli - I.YOU - RESUME INC. - CHRIS & KRIZ (Beesqueeze) - A-CALL (Electroniche) DUNGEONS & DRAG at The ORB hosted by Lollipop An orgy of ALT.POP debauchery, featuring DJ sets by: St John, Gabrielle& Klaudia! THE SHELTER, hosted by Vacuum - Kristian Vela (🇪🇸) - Brian James - GRDNT - AlmØsthuman - Muke - Ozone - Invective Da Front Yard (Dub / Reggae) hosted by Rocky Valley Garden - Hornsman Coyote SOUNDSYSTEM (🇷🇸) - DJ Martinees (🇷🇸) - Ras Milenko (🇷🇸) - Seeker (🇮🇹) - Earthrocker - Lion Black The festival will also have a merch market hosted by Mellowmoon For more information and to book tickets, click here.


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