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She is probably better known as a TV personality, but beyond the small screen, Tiziana has long been involved in the local theatre and music scene, active mainly in the mainstream pop and rock scenarios and working with the likes of Mro Joe Brown’s orchestra, the Versatile Brass Band and Mro Sigmund Mifsud. Now, the Maltese singer has released a new single, On Top Of The World; a collaboration with top local DJ and producer Toby.

The single, which sees Tiziana venture into the electronic dance music sphere, was launched on May 10 and is available in two versions, the original radio edit and a club mix. “Toby and I have worked very hard on this song and our combined experience has helped us come up with a fresh sound”, the singer said in a comment. A music video for the new single is currently in production and will be released next month.

Apart from appearing in a number of local TV series and variety shows - among them Gizelle, Trid Tarah and Singledout - Tiziana has also studied music and performance locally and abroad, attending workshops in Austria, Germany and the UK, where she also received a Diploma in Popular Music at TechMusic Schools.

Locally, she has also performed in various productions, such as Hair, Scrooge, Ħmistax, Musicall, Cabaretic, Il-Miżien Fetaħ Għajnejħ, Dan Mhux Shakespeare, Voice the Soul and Drakula..The Rock Opera. She is currently the director of the musical theatre group CentreSTAGE.


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