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Jim Hickey, electronic, alternative, Berlin

Berlin-based for the past few years, Jim Hickey has spent his time absorbing all the energy that the notoriously vibrant German city has to offer and channelling it through original compositions that penetrate the mind as well as the soul. Perhaps the best thing about being in Berlin is the very fact that, as he puts it "anyone making music here doesn’t really worry about fitting into a scene". Evidently, this gave him all the liberty he needed to explore and develop new sounds, temporarily putting the guitar aside as he delved deeper into the world of electronica. As the songs on his 2013 Railings debut EP proved only too well, he successfully found a balance that juxtaposed electronic music's synthetic feel with the organic tinge of his rock background; the result a tantalising blend with a warm, soulful essence at its core. The more recent Burning Forest track further emphasized the fact that Hickey is constantly seeking out new musical terrain to seek inspiration from and infuse into his own unmistakeable sound.

Further to a low-key live debut in Malta a couple of months ago, Jim Hickey will again be performing live in Malta on Sunday, July 27. The event will take place at at Get It-hosted Baia Sundays at the Baia Beach Club in Armier. For more information about the event , click here. For information about Jim Hickey log on to

Read the December 2013 interview with Jim Hickey here.


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