• Michael Bugeja


The first edition of Malta Takes London, held late last year at The Water Rats in King’s Cross, was truly an amazing evening; an impressive cross-section of what Malta’s music scene, whether based at home or on foreign turf, has to offer. The response by trhose present was positive enough to spur the organizers on towards staging a second edition, to be held on Saturday, September 27 at the same venue.

Now boosted from a six-act billing to an 8-act line-up, the live event will again offer a diverse taste of the many music flavours that Maltese artists are capable of coming up with. This year’s line-up will in fact feature Canvas Wall, nosnow/noalps, Carrie Haber and Dana McKeon, all four having been part of last year’s event, alongside new arrivals YEWS, Berne, Fuzzhoneys and The Cosmic Erotic. Furthermore, this year’s Malta Takes London will also serve as the official launch event for nosnow/noalps’ latest release, namely the GO GO GO GO EP.

Tickets for the event are available online at www.ask-craig.com.

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