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Jane Doe's first incursion into the world of Maltese radio happened a couple of years back, when the then-upcoming band released a little gem called Shivery. That debut release reflected several of the influences that one can still find traces of in their music even to this day, but there's no denying the band has come a long way in a relatively short time. Consistently pushing themselves to explore new ground and innovate, Jane Doe's music in the here and now, as is evident on their upcoming Homeostatic Cover EP, projects a spellbindingly introspective soundscape that is perhaps best described as indiepop with a brittle sheen and exquisite texture. The band will be launching Homeostatic Cover on Sunday, 23 November at Django's Jazz Bar in Valletta with a live performance. NoSnow/NoAlps will be the supporting act. Entrance is €2 (or €7 including the CD). For more details, click here or vist Jane Doe on Facebook.

Click here to listen to Goldrush

Click here to listen to Breathe

Photo by Marija Grech


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