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Admittedly, The Infection Has Begun may not be the most tasteful of names to give to a live event, but what’s in a name when the billing features three powerful and popular elements from the local underground scene. The live triple treat will in fact see Carnivorous Horde, Cyberia and In the Name Of all performing under one roof on Saturday, November 29, and it’s all happening at Remedy in Paceville. In bringing together metal riffage and industrial sounds, the event will not only appeal to a wider audience, but also underlines the importance of mixed-genre concerts in order to strengthen and further propagate the underground live scene.

With a history that goes back a couple of decades, Cyberia’s current formation has been active for around four years. During this time the quartet has developed a sound that blends its early Goth roots with dense layers of pummeling electronica, the result best described as post-industrial rock, albeit with a prominent digital vein running through it. Despite only very few live performances, Cyberia have maintained a presence thanks also to recordings posted online, namely Violence on TV and Maskri, both released in 2013 and 2014’s L-iswed jiskura.

In The Name Of has been around since 2007, dedicating the first year of the band’s existence towards perfecting the blend of Groove and Death Metal that has now become its signature sound. Further to some notable live appearances, among them opening for Slit and Dew Scented and a slot at the 2008 Xtreme Metal Assault Festival, the band has gone from strength to strength. Last March, the band released its debut EP Glutton Kings as a digital download.

Last but not least, Carnivorous Horde is another band that has been making waves on the local metal scene in recent years, thanks to their Death-Grind riffage and macabre songs, a mixture that is certainly not for the faint of heart. The band made its live debut at the 2012 edition of the Xtreme Metal Assault festival and has been building up its profile ever since.

The Infection Has Begun will be held on Saturday, 29 November at Remedy in Paceville. Doors open at 9pm. Entrance is €5. For more information, click here.


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