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Leaving at least 8,000 people dead and more than twice that amount injured, the earthquake that struck Nepal last month was the worst natural disaster to strike the country in decades. The resulting catastrophe has also left hundreds of thousands of people homeless, a situation that will surely debilitate the country’s efforts to get back on its feet.

Thankfully, help has been flooding in from all over the world, not least Malta, where several initiatives have been taken with this cause in mind. In the spirit of this very same cause, Hard Rock Café Malta will be joining a worldwide relief effort by staging a benefit concert aimed at raising funds to support the Nepalese people in this time of need. The concert will bring together some of the top rock acts on our island who, like many other bands around the world are putting in their time and effort to help raise awareness and funds for this noble cause.

In order to reach as many people as possible the event will feature a variety of genres, from prog-metal and hard rock to alt.rock and the Blues. The bands that will be cranking it up for Nepal are, in no particular order, 26 Other Worlds, Eversity, Noogie’s Crew, Purple Haze & friends, The Cosmic Sect and The Creepers.

The concert will take place at Hard Rock Café’ in Baystreet this Saturday, May 16 from 10pm onwards. Tickets cost €8 and will be available at the door. All funds raised will be go towards the Nepal Relief in collaboration with Malta Red Cross. For more information, click here.


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