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Now in its third edition, Malta Takes London has grown from a budding six-act event into a two-night concert boasting 11 live acts. The name might suggest some kind of grand strategy, but the honest truth is that the original idea back in 2013 was meant to be a two-band November gig featuring London-based all-Maltese band Canvas Wall and Malta's country-hopping alternative band nosnow/noalps, who were on a European tour at the time. The extended billing, featuring local act Jane Doe and three more UK-based Maltese acts (Cable35, Carrie Haber and Dana McKeon) boosted the event's appeal even further, reeling in an interesting audience of ex-patriates and curious locals to the legendary Water Rats venue in King's Cross, where this landmark gig was held. The positive response further inspired the staging of last year's September edition, which was also held at Water Rats. The concert featured no fewer than 8 bands, namely Carrie Haber, Dana McKeon, Berne, The Cosmic Erotic, Fuzzhoneys, Yews and event organizers and obvious mainstays Canvas Wall and nosnow/noalps, the latter even taking the occasion to give their acclaimed Go Go Go Go EP an official UK launch. Once again a well-attended success story, the 2014 edition has instigated a strategy where was none, triggering a plan that aims to develop this event further in the years ahead. In the here and now however, there's this year's edition - now spanning the two nights of Friday 30, and Saturday 31 October (and yes, we've got a Halloween thing going too) - to look forward to. Created by musicians for musicians in 2013, the aim of Malta takes London is to connect with artists who are interested in collectively putting on an awesome live performance that will also act as a showcase of Maltese talent. Featuring 11 live acts and a couple of Maltese DJs to round off the second night, Malta Takes London 2015 marks the beginning of something that is already far bigger than what it started out as, and wherever you are in the world, if you're in London when we're there, feel free to swing by for a taste of Maltese music and hospitality! Malta Takes London 2015 will feature Federica, Pyramid Suns, Tara, The Busker, Canvas Wall, Rob Harbour, Berne, Jane Doe, Dana McKeon, Carrie Haber, nosnow/noalps and DJs Michael Bugeja and KNTRL. The event is supported by the Cultural Export Fund (Arts Council Malta),, Kinnie, Cisk, Amrita Footcare & Wellness Centre, No Sweat Productions, Zion Bar, Sun Sounds Malta and ROCKNA.


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