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Toni Sant needs no introduction really; an academic, a radio, TV, online and overall media personality, and also the artistic director at Spazju Kreattiv. His regular Muzika Mod Iehor podcasts provide a consistent reminder of just how much is going on in the Maltese music scene and, talking of Toni's poddati, don't forget to log on to to vote for your own favourite picks of 2015 in the MMI Listeners' Picks poll. In the meantime, here are his top 5 favourites which, as you will note, he truly loves.

Kapitlu Tlettax - Nissokta b’Risposta

I love Maltese hip hop. It's also not everyday that you're mentioned in a song recorded by any artist you never any genre. So, I pick this song as my top song for 2015 just for these two reasons.

Danjeli - Qabbad Ħa Jfuħ

I love Maltese electronica. Anyone who has ever been to any of Danjeli's parties know why this is a great offering from 2015. This year saw the establishment of Electronic Music Malta, a voluntary organization that's meant to serve as an association to bring together Maltese electronic music and promote the legacy of their existence. I think this track is a good way to remember that in years to come.

Mana Tapu - Kanta r-Rima

I love Maltese reggae and ska. This is a really fun song. It's not strictly from 2015 but it was released on the Timpana EP that the band released in 2015.

Kafena - Il-Marc ta' Efrem Sammut

I love (good) songs in Maltese. This was the first song I heard off Kafena's excellent album Lukanda Propaganda. I could have actually picked a number of tracks from this album, but this one evokes the local philharmonic brass band scene beautifully.

Ecca & Pell - Ġismi

Well, I love new Maltese singers too. L-Għanja tal-Poplu is a great place to discover underrated singers, songwriters and performers. Ecca Muscat is certainly underrated and I will forever remember 2015 as the year when I first heard her sing.

P.S. Don't forget to vote for your own favourites at!


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