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Forsaken are celebrating their 25th Anniversary on November 12

They may not get played enough on local mainstream radio stations, but Forsaken are, without a doubt, one of the pillars of the Maltese music scene, the metal scene in particular. Not only has this band evolved and grown into one of the top bands this island has ever produced, this Doom Metal act is also a force to be reckoned with on the international front. The band will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a special concert on November 12 (details in the poster above), with UK band Arkham Witch and local thrash act X-Vandals also performing on the night.

Held in very high esteem by peers and fans alike, Forsaken have done much to put Malta's name on the global musical map. If you're a metalhead, you know what I'm talking about; if not, here are 9 tracks spanning their discography to date to introduce you to the band...and don't forget to tune in to Radio 101 at 8.30pm CET on Monday, October 31 for Michael Bugeja's Forsaken Fuzzbox Special; 2 hours with the band in the studio and a selection of their music for your listening pleasure!

1. Tabernacle Of Sorrow (Requiem demo, 1991)

2. Where Angels Have Fallen (Virtues of Sanctity 7'', 1993)

3. The Healer (Evermore album, 1997)

4. Via Crucis (Demo, 2002)

5. Wither The Hour (Iconoclast EP, 2002)

6. Carpe Diem (Anima Mundi album, 2004)

7. Dominaeon (Dominaeon album, 2005)

8. Aiden Falls (After The Fall album, 2009)

9. Visions In Thy Shadow (Tales of Doom and Woe 12'' Split EP, 2010)

Yes, we know we said 9 tracks, but how could we not include this gem of a cover that Forsaken were asked to record by a US label back in 2000?

10. Neon Knights (Dehumanized Witch: A (Mk 2) Black Sabbath Tribute compilation album, 2000)*

*Also available on the 2004 reissue of the Evermore album


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