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Fuelled by the popularity that singles Hymns of June and Berlin had already generated even before its release, Airport Impressions’ latest album Mariette has continued to consolidate the Maltese band’s position at the forefront of the Maltese mainstream rock scene. The new album features a 12-strong collection of versatile songs that finds Airport Impressions blending its pop and rock roots with country and indie folk elements. The end result is an effective display of prevailing melodies.

Their performance at the Music & Steel concert gave just a small taste of the new material, meaning their upcoming concert at the Greek Theatre in Ta’ Qali on June 7 is all the more anticipated by the band’s substantial fanbase, since it will feature the entire album played live for the first time since its release. The concert is being presented as part of the popular Earth Garden music festival programme, and will also feature an opening from upcoming singer=songwriter Dana McKeon, who released her debut EP Street Art earlier this year.

Mariette is available from local music stores or online at iTunes.

Tickets for the concert are available online at


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