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Weekly radio show ROCKNA, which is broadcast every Friday on Radio 101, will be celebrating its 200th edition with a special show on June 20. Focusing entirely on the music scene in Malta, the show was first broadcast on July 9, 2010 and is hosted by Michael Bugeja. In the 4 years ROCKNA has been on air, it has featured interviews with over 200 different bands and artists, with a good number of them often also performing live unplugged sessions during the programme. A compilation, ROCKNA LIVE & UNPLUGGED featuring 13 of these unplugged sessions was released in 2012 and given away as a free digital download at, a local music foundation which, like ROCKNA, seeks to preserve, document and promote the music coming out of Malta. Although the name of the show suggests it is mainly focused on rock music, to date the list of guests has also featured artists from the worlds of hiphop, jazz, pop. folk, punk, metal, electronic and world music.

Tune in to ROCKNA every Friday at 7pm on Radio 101. For regular updates, join the ROCKNA group on Facebook.


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