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For 50 hours spread over one weekend, the Talbot & Bons café and wine lounge in Gudja will be transformed into an even busier hub of activity than usual, opening its doors (and its terrace too) to a long list of artists, musicians and well-known local personalities who are getting together for a very special cause. Sponsored by Methode Electronics, the three-day live music marathon is in aid of YMCA Homeless and Hospice Malta and apart from more than 45 confirmed live acts, the event will also a number of local celebrities, among them TV personalities and politicians, who will be spending the night camped on the Talbot & Bons terrace in order to raise awareness about the plight of homeless people.

While music events are held quite regularly at Talbot & Bons, the idea of staging a large-scale event has been on the cards since the café opened its doors two years ago. The three days will feature different music genres, with top local band Red Electrick kicking off the marathon at 3pm on Friday, October 17 and Gianluca Bezzina perfoming the closing set on Sunday evening. The list of participating artists is quite varied and rather extensive, featuring some of the best-known names from the local jazz, rock and pop scenes.

The running schedule has been planned so as to offer varying kinds of music during different times of the day, while the evenings will have a jazzier feel. The Saturday morning shift will have a more child-friendly inclination, with animation, attractions and a musical repertoire that should also appeal to kids. H.E. President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca will be attending on Saturday evening.

In a comment about the event, Talbot & Bons owners Amy Talbot and Alan Mercieca Bons said, “at Talbot & Bons we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously, which is why we decided to organize this event”. They added that the projected result, while certainly providing an entertaining weekend to the public, will help to promote and raise funds for both YMCA Homeless and Hospice Malta. “Our aim is to raise €10,000 over the weekend, and we are convinced that the generosity of our patrons combined with that of the artists and other participants will help us succeed”.

Funds will also be raised through a variety of activities such as art auctions, merchandise, donations, subsidised food items, raffles and other initiatives. The Talbot & Bons Music Marathon takes place between October 17 and 19. For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.


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