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Thirteen years on from its first edition, Strummin’ is still going strong; stronger than ever in fact, as everything falls into place ahead of this year’s edition, with every effort being made to ensure it is the best yet in the event’s history to date. This year’s theme is Strummin’ for Change, and is possibly the most fitting of them all, as this concert has truly brought something diverse to the Maltese live music circuit. Fronting an extra-large group of guitarists onstage along with several other instruments and a line-up featuring some of the top local singers the island has to offer, Strummin’ has introduced an engaging way of presenting live music to the public; a touch of humour on the side and a worthy cause to promote, all boosted by an entertaining music selection of familiar tunes that everyone can sing along to.

This year’s set list is all about positive change, and among the several songs currently on rotation in the rehearsal studio one finds hits from the likes of U2, Beatles and Foo Fighters, to name just a few. Naturally it’s all happening for a good cause, and this year, all funds raised will go towards supporting the Dr Klown organisation, an NGO that dedicates it time and energy towards bringing a smile to hospitalized children’s faces.

Tickets cost €10 and are available online at For more information visit

Strummin' for Change is supported by Studio 7, Sound System, Create It Studios and Clive Brincat (Artist & Graphic Designer).


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