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What is heavier - a ton of feathers or a ton of stones? We’ve all come across this trick question at some point in our lives, but the probability is that not many have dwelt upon it long enough to produce an album. Local rock band For Strings Inn didn’t actually do that either, but what they did do is to take a different angle to the link between the feathers and the stones in question. In this regard then, they can be considered the rare exception, going beyond the original question and coming up with a new relationship, or better still, contrast between the two options, and it’s all to be experienced on the 10 songs that make up their debut album, a collection of alternative rock-meets-punk that they’ve appropriately named Feathers & Stones.

Meanwhile earlier this week For Strings Inn launched the video for Tangerine Rock, the first of many new songs on the album, which you’ve probably already listened to and viewed. If you haven’t, click here to do it now.

And if you’re geared up to go the launch gig, you might also want to tune in to ROCKNA on Radio 101 around 7pm CET tonight to hear drummer Ryan Abela and singer/guitarist Herman Spiteri being interviewed by Michael Bugeja about the band’s developments and of course, the new album, with a few more songs being exclusively aired prior to the concert.

For more information about tonight’s launch gig, click here.


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