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They come from different sides of the musical fence, but that hasn't stopped Tenishia and Red Electrick from getting together for a worthy cause. International DJ duo Tenishia and rock band Red Electrick are blending their individual sounds to create a song for Puttinu Cares. The track, which is called Don’t Give Up, is already being supported by various local radio stations and will be performed live for the first time on May 16 at the Aria Complex Dome in San Gwann during a special event whose proceeds will all be donated to charity.

Faced with situations where money could make such a huge difference in the quality of people's, in particular children's lives, the two acts commented that they simply couldn't sit back and do nothing about it. The idea for the collaboration arose following a recent visit by Tenishia's Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar to the Rainbow Ward at Mater Dei Hospital, and later sharing their experience with Red Electrick who embraced the idea to work together. This is not the first time that Tenishia is collaborating with local rock bands. In fact, in the past they had also worked with Winter Moods, with the resulting Marigold remix making quite an impact back in 2009.

Since then, Tenishia have been ranked among the world's Top 100 DJs for the past four years, further to which they also hold an astonishing record number of shows performed on foreign shores. In fact, their hectic international schedule has seen them performing in practically all of the continents, playing at some of the world's biggest dance festivals and clubs. It is hardly surprising then, that they have an incredible global fanbase, particularly in Asia, where the duo performed to a 300,000-strong crowd in Vietnam and, as from next month, they will be guest hosting shows on MTV Asia on a monthly basis.

Not quite as international as Tenishia, but with several awards and quite a hefty fanbase to their name, Red Electrick have built a reputation as a dynamic live act with a knockout melodic punch in their music. Like Tenishia, they are no strangers to collaborations, and their latest single Young Again in fact features the Maltese National Orchestra. Awards and plaudits aside, it is largley the band's commitment towards making quality music that makes them so appealing to such a wide spectrum of music fans and an undisputed household name.

The May 16 concert at the Dome will feature Tenishia playing a marathon 6-hour DJ set, during which Red Electrick will be joining them live to perform Don’t Give Up as well as other tracks. Entrance is against a donation. For more information, click here.

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