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Good looks, a friendly smile, charming personality and highly infectious acoustic pop songs; Maltese singer-songwriter Joe Roscoe certainly has a lot of pluses on his side. He is also the kind of person not to take anything for granted, which probably explains why he decided to relocate to the UK, where he isn't only carrying on his musical studies, but also gaining invaluable experience through regular street-busking sessions and of course, proper live gigs too.

With a handful of radio single releases to his name, it was about time he took the next logical step, and this evening, he will be launching his debut album with a live performance at The Traveller's Bar in Bugibba. Titled Scratching the surface - clearly a hint of what is still to come - the album is essentially a collection of his releases to date along with a couple of new songs, namely Thursdays and I'm there, his latest single. "I had previously put together an unofficial EP which I basically used to give to people at gigs so they listen to my music some more, but this is more of an official release", Roscoe commented. Tonight's event will also include the official launch of the music video for I'm There.

For more information about the event, click here. Meanwhile, enjoy some of his past releases here...

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